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Customer Satisfaction vs Customer Loyalty

Everyone in business wants to know where they stand with their clients. Many businesses mistakenly try to measure customer ‘satisfaction’, confusing it with customer ‘loyalty’ *.

Unfortunately, most customer satisfaction surveys are too long, confusing, not germane, don’t measure the right thing or take too much thought to be returned.

Because the Imagination Factory may have created a logo for you, designed a brochure, developed a web presence or helped you launch an entire marketing campaign or product, an IFI ‘satisfaction survey’ could easily fall into any of those categories above.

So, ours is simple – we’ve boiled it down to two (2) questions, that’s it!

Simply stated, what we want to know is… “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend the Imagination Factory to friends, colleagues or associates? and why?

These two simple but powerful questions tell us a ‘loyalty’ level (and a better measure of whether we’ll do more work together), and it gives us a better grasp of how you would recommend us and/or how we can improve.

Naturally, we’d love to know who is filling out this form, but unless you enter your company and email, we won’t know. It is completely optional.

* Satisfaction doesn’t ensure additional sales, but if you can garner customer loyalty you will have something your competitor won’t… the next sale / order / project.

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