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Custom Programming & Database Development

There are times when no standard software application will do what you need. When that happens, the team at IFI will develop a custom application for you. Here are few turn-key applications available exclusively through the Imagination Factory:

Sports & Entertainment Account Tracking is a unique marketing-driven CRM database application written for the sports industry, but is also finding a home in the arena management, concert promotion and movie cineplex markets.

School Management / Account Resource Tracking is a food/cafeteria services touch-screen POS (Point Of Sale) student barcode debit card system that tracks and reports lunch (and store) purchases.

Landscape Account Management and Proposals is an account & service request management and proposal management system which allows for call logging, automatic location mapping, appointment tracking and proposal/invoice generation.

Unlike the above generic solutions, many clients prefer that the custom applications are works-for-hire, meaning that they own the final result in its entirety to with as they please. We’d be more than happy to discuss your project and solution options. Give us a call.

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