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News: Inspiration or Desperation?

October 15th, 2016 by Ted Bailey

time for changeChange happens for usually one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation.

Clients wanting to have us design that first website are generally inspired, sometimes desperate to finally get online. Re-designing an existing site is often an act of desperation over a failed site or sometimes is inspired by positive changes in the clients’ business.

BTW, we look at a bad website not necessarily as a failure, just an educational experience that might not have turned out so well.

That said, if a millionaire were to tell a thousand people about a book that started him/her on the road to wealth, how many would go out and buy the book? Unfortunately, very few.

For those businesses currently without a website, why? Evidence of businesses making money on the web surrounds you. Did you know that businesses that are online grow 40% faster than those that are not?

According to Google…

  • 25% of people in the US made a purchase after a search
  • 51% called the business that day
  • 48% actually went to the business that day

For those of you with a low performing website, consider that a re-design closer aligned to your specific audience and their behaviour can lead to a 34% to 300% increase in revenue.

Consider the following…

  • 75% of shoppers surf mobile while in-store
  • 25% even buy product while in-store
  • 70% aren’t native English speakers
  • and 75% of them are NOT likely to make a purchase unless the product/service description is in a language the do speak.

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