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All thoughts, designs, words, ideas, concepts, visual representations, and programming (save for a few bits of fotos and open source code available and/or modified to our needs under royalty-free and/or GNU licenses) are the intellectual property of the Imagination Factory). Any subsequent use, in whole or in part, of the materials posted on this site w/o the express written consent of the Imagination Factory is prohibited (in otherwords, it is frowned upon and we’d hate to have to send someone from our legal counsel – Dewey, Cheetham & Howe, to your place and nail your knees to the floorboards).

Ok, that covers the legal needs for the site. On to the need for contracts… The practice of NOT having a written agreement seems unwise for both the client (you) as well as the designer (us). A written agreement spells out each parties reponsiblities and deliverables which helps eliminate miscommunications and speeds the process. Neither side wins in a battle of oral agreements. We believe that written contracts are necessary and prudent. However, there are no laws that mandate wisdom (or as Jimmy Buffet sings there is also no ‘dumb ass’ vaccine). Often wisdom comes with age and after many hard, if indeed unnecessary, lessons.

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