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Website Maintenance & Leveraging Social Media

Website Maintenance:

Today’s search engines look for more than just a word match. Each search engine works to deliver the best search results to their searchers. How they rank and present those results is a complex and generally, a non-public formula. At last count, Google checks over 250 things to determine site ranking. We know, however, that content ‘freshness’, is one of those criteria, which makes website maintenance a key component to search-driven traffic.

We also know that search engines drive 60-70% of a sites initial traffic. But driving initial traffic to the site is only part of the story. A key to success is getting repeat traffic to the site. This is most often handled by providing value-added and fresh content. It’s the repeat visitor that ‘buys’ and gets you a higher customer conversion rate.

Good website maintenance will facilitate better site traffic, higher search engine rankings and a better online reputation. Keeping a site up to date is a necessity in the competitive environment.

Social Networking:

Social media and networking are terms tossed around a lot in the last few years. Social networking between businesses and customers has become popular because companies/organizations/institutions are able to create an online community and connect users in new ways. Building a social circle (whether in Facebook, Google+, Linked-In, Pinterest, Twitter, or any of a myriad of others) can help you to promote your business, build a recognizable brand, bring traffic to your web site and position a company high on the market.

For those new to it, you might think of it like moving into a new school. You start out with no friends, but after becoming involved, you meet people and gain friends. Social networking is similar. As you join groups and share information, you become part of the social communication fabric.

Just as you didn’t join every club in school, not all social media outlets may suit your goals or be your right target audience. Also like those clubs, social media requires involvement and an investment of time. The Imagination Factory can assist you in sorting out which ones make the most sense for you.

Understandably, you’re busy running your business and there might not be resources available to also maintain your website, add new pages, update your blog, issue press releases, and/or build your social media community. This is where the Imagination Factory can help. Many clients have found it beneficial to delegate some of all of those functions to IFI on an on-going basis. Contact us if this sounds like a good opportunity for you.

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