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In the good old days, we had a designer (artsy dood), a programmer (geek) and a rotary telephone (we’re old) with a few buttons on it. We pressed one and… BINGO! Someone was on the line. Of course, it was usually a wrong number… but that’s the price you pay for simplicity. Now look what’s happened to us! All these people on the payroll… all trying to do less work than us!

Customer Service – Kurt Reply, Warren T. Myfutt, Eileen Yorweigh, Haywood Jabuzoff, & Yvonne Apeesamey

Estimators – Ida Noe, Costa Grand, Al Mussdun & Kanwee Adenauer

Production Control – Luke Bizzee

Project Archives – D.J. Vue

Quality Assurance – Nat Sass, Phyllis Steen & Phil Ippic

Research – Ella Fynoe & Noah Vale

Accounts Payable – Imelda Czech

Accounts Recvble – Bill M. Moore

Credit Dept. – Nora Lenderbee & Fred Knott

Human Resource – Les Moody, Les Stern, Xavier Breth, Tara Newone

Purchasing – Lois Bidder

Security – Barb Dwyer & Ewen Whadarmee

Insurance – C.F.I. Kare

Legal – Dewey, Cheetham & Howe

Network Geeks – Colin Bakslash & Dot Matrex & Ivana Lazar

Tax Accountant – Lou Pole

Transportation – Denton Fender & Rick Shaw

Interns – Dewey Hafta & Gladys Overnow

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