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Think a minute about the distinction between website ‘design’ and website ‘development’ by asking this question: would you hire a decorator or an architect to design your entire house?

“No way – I’d hire an architect!” is the likely answer. Why?

Today, successful strategies for website development mean that website owners need to consider that a business website’s structure is best developed by an “architect” rather than a cosmetic designer. Sure the house needs to look good, but it also needs to be built on a good solid foundation and it must cater to the needs of those living in and/or visiting it.

Ensuring that your website is an effective moneymaker in your business model requires development first, and design second.

Do you have a ‘marketing direction’ or a ‘strategy’? What is the difference between a direction and a strategy?

  • ‘We are going to head west,’ is a direction.
  • ‘We will drive seven hours each day and reach our destination on Thursday,’ is a strategy.

A strategy is a plan to achieve a specific result. To take the first steps toward a Profitable Design Strategy, you need a marketing & design ‘partner’… a marketing ‘architect’. Professionals that are committed and integral to your marketing success; interested in assisting you to achieve a positive ROI (return on investment) and Customer Loyalty.

The professionals at the Imagination Factory ARE such architects. Our purpose is to help you achieve your goal, not “just” look pretty.



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